Thoughts after visiting a Peruvian prison

One of the most powerful experiences from my week in Lima was our visit to a prison. I am not going to name the prison here because we are hoping to implement FAST there, and there are privacy/political issues. Rather, I am going to share a few thoughts about prisons, prisoners, crime, and drug use based on one admittedly brief encounter, but also 35 years of being alive in this world. This essay is also … Continue reading Thoughts after visiting a Peruvian prison

The Flores of Miraflores

It’s our last day in Lima, Peru. This trip has been exciting and productive although brief. It has been a privilege to collaborate with Socios en Salud which has a 20 year history of working on behalf of people living with tuberculosis.  We are hopeful that by implementing FAST, we will be able to demonstrate a decreased rate of TB infection in health care workers in … Continue reading The Flores of Miraflores

Bart Simpson and Jesus Christ

TB is a dreadful disease, as I blog several times per week. But it’s not every day that I have some awesome TB artwork to share with you. I took these photos today at a hospital in Lima, Peru where we are working, implementing FAST. My only question is while it seems reasonable to dress up Jesus Christ as Superman, isn’t the letter “D” a bit … Continue reading Bart Simpson and Jesus Christ

What’s up with Whatsapp?

Hello from Lima, where we had dinner last night at a top 20 restaurant. It was relatively inexpensive at $23, (for an American tourist, not a poor Peruvian). My meal included a home made soda made from fruit juice with gas injected in it (“Sacha Yuzu”), corn covered with goat cheese (“Mazorca”), and rice with cashews (“Arroz Cosme”). At the end of the meal, the top … Continue reading What’s up with Whatsapp?

Music in a Peruvian Medical School

“Remembranzas es una imagen o conjunto de imágenes de hechos o situaciones pasados que quedan en la mente; es sinónimo de recuerdo pero se utiliza para aquello que serve para maintainer vigente un legado.” (Remembranzas is an image or set of images of past events or situations that stay in the mind; it is synonymous with memory but serves to keep a legacy active). A few days ago, I got … Continue reading Music in a Peruvian Medical School

Buenos Dias from 37,000 feet…

We’re high up in the clouds rocketing 550 miles per hour on our way to Miami. After a brief plane change we will arrive down in Lima. The sky contains many shades of blue-gray and there are only a few cumulus clouds. A brief digital postcard, no stamps needed when you have Wifi access. I have the aisle seat. My row-mates are a young couple whispering … Continue reading Buenos Dias from 37,000 feet…

Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow

It was October of 2012. I was a few months into my EIS experience at CDC and visiting Namibia for the first time. Strolling around downtown in the capital city of Windhoek, I was a bit surprised. German stores and signs were everywhere. Had I arrived in Berlin or Sub-Saharan Africa? It was a national holiday, so the city center was deserted. In the summer heat I had … Continue reading Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow