An open letter to Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie- Today my wife, son, and I took the train to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston where we met up with a friend and her two kids. We saw gorillas, mandrills, hippos, lemurs, zebras, and lions. After admiring the animals and contemplating their future, we sat down at a picnic table for some lunch on a blustery afternoon. Then, I spied a man at the picnic … Continue reading An open letter to Bernie Sanders

Let us now praise famous men and women

It’s Thanksgiving.  I am grateful to have a home and a family and food on the table. So many people in Boston, the city where I live, don’t have those resources. They live on the street, and struggle mightily to survive. In this wealthy city, home of Harvard and MIT and so many other famous universities; of businesses and entrepreneurs; of politicians; of people from all … Continue reading Let us now praise famous men and women

Dr. Francesca Conradie at the Hope Conference

Good morning! Yesterday was the Hope Conference coordinated by Dr. Raj Gandhi. The lecturer was Dr. Francesca Conradie from South Africa speaking about Bedaquiline (BDQ), a medication used for drug-resistant TB. Among the benefits are improved cure rates for XDR-TB and it also enables clinicians to eliminate toxic drugs from patients’ regimens. For example, ototoxicity (hearing loss) is becoming less common with the advent of BDQ. A few other points: … Continue reading Dr. Francesca Conradie at the Hope Conference

Thank you David Bangsberg

Thanksgiving is approaching. I don’t have any Thanksgiving recipes but I do have photos from a delicious Mexican salsa I made in a molcajete. This is basically a big stone mortar and pestle and is absolutely key to making good salsa. Thank you David Bangsberg for hosting Ruvandhi, Ed, and I today. Amazing vision and leadership at MGH and CamTech. I linked to the CamTech video below. We hope … Continue reading Thank you David Bangsberg

How to make freshly squeezed orange juice

Today, it’s going to be a diversion from white coats and TB. I need to diversify my blogging:) Hate and xenophobia in Detroit, across America, and the world. Stop the hate. If you aren’t familiar with the ID Images website, you should be. It’s excellent- (run by Dr. Raj Gandhi and colleagues). Check out this article–Microevolution of Outbreak-Associated Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, South Korea, 2015. … Continue reading How to make freshly squeezed orange juice

My reply to the NPR story

White coats were just on NPR. Here’s my response: First, about the process of change– it is difficult. It causes people to be upset.  I suggest you stop reading this blog post right now, go over to the New Yorker website, and read Atul Gawande’s fine article, Sharing Slow Ideas. Now, reread my article from September on The Conversation. Now, listen to my interview with Dr. John Schumann … Continue reading My reply to the NPR story