Hope, Despair and the Blues

Yesterday, composer and arranger Randall Keith Horton led the Boston University Big Band and the Inner Strength Gospel Choir in a wonderful tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, entitled “Hope, Despair, and the Blues.” All the speakers and musicians were delightful, and the rendition of “Don’t Get Down on Your Knees to Pray (Until You have Forgiven Everyone)” was particularly powerful. It really felt like Dr. King’s … Continue reading Hope, Despair and the Blues

Boston events to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A number of events are happening in Boston to commemorate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today (Monday) Roxbury YMCA Breakfast (7:30 AM) Memorial Breakfast, 8-10 AM Open House, Museum of Fine Arts (10AM-5PM) Benkadi Drum and Dance, JFK Presidential Library (10:30 AM) Day of Service, Faneiul Hall (1 PM) “Hope, Despair and the Blues,” Boston University (2 PM) Thursday, January 19 “On the Way We Go: Chaos … Continue reading Boston events to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Ban Nuclear Weapons- a conversation with Joseph P. Cirincione, Tom Collina, and William Perry. I’d like to welcome all of you students who took this course– this was the last and final week of the course. I thank you for taking the course. I thank you for sticking through it, gaining the knowledge you’ve gained. Today, I’m joining Joe Cirincione and Tom Collina, and we’re … Continue reading Ban ICBMs

Hero and Leander

Last night, we watched  Julieta, a Pedro Almodóvar tragedy. The film was quintessential Almodovar. By that I mean it was melodramatic, shot with vivid colors and beautiful Spaniard actors. The protagonist, played in her 20s by Adriana Ugarte and in middle age by Emma Suárez, was clearly modeled upon Shakespeare’s Juliet, and Hero, from Greek mythology. I do recommend this film. Continue reading Hero and Leander

The masks we wear: authenticity, vulnerability, and innovation in TB

The current issue of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases presents early and exploratory efforts to change ingrained habits in health care facilities. Research papers demonstrate that the masks that we wear include not only N95 respirators, but also the masks of professional distance, stoicism, authoritative knowledge, and, in the case of tuberculosis (TB) researchers, a studied neutrality or ‘objectivity’ toward this work. I’d … Continue reading The masks we wear: authenticity, vulnerability, and innovation in TB

Command and Control

A chilling nightmare plays out at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September, 1980. A worker accidentally drops a socket, puncturing the fuel tank of an intercontinental ballistic missile carrying the most powerful nuclear warhead in our arsenal, an incident which ignites a series of feverish efforts to avoid a deadly disaster. Watch Command and Control for free on PBS, and then join the movement for nuclear weapons abolition.     Continue reading Command and Control