Boston School Committee

I’m very grateful that the Boston School Committee has granted me an interview with their Nominating Panel on Monday. I decided to apply for one of the open committee positions after we published our op-ed in the Boston Globe regarding COVID in the schools. I want to help improve the health and safety of our schools. This is more important than ever in the context … Continue reading Boston School Committee

If you don’t like the road you’re walking

This morning, I went for a walk in the arboretum with my friend, a cardiologist, and our dogs. As we hiked up a hill, we talked about a variety of issues, from how to prevent coronary heart disease to electric cars. But most importantly, we spoke about burnout and depression among healthcare workers and the need for cultural change in American medicine. Can we organize … Continue reading If you don’t like the road you’re walking

Why a CDC investigation of Boston Public Schools COVID-19 outbreaks is needed now

The message dinged our phones on Oct. 27: “Not great news, but a friend just shared there are six confirmed COVID cases in the fourth-grade class.” The group chat of parents and caregivers of third-graders at the Manning Elementary School in Jamaica Plain is usually about misplaced homework and after-school activities. This was something else, and it eventually became clear that the Manning School was facing … Continue reading Why a CDC investigation of Boston Public Schools COVID-19 outbreaks is needed now


Tonight in orchestra rehearsal we worked on the hypnotic piece, “Freedom,” by Milad Yousufi. Yousufi was born in 1995 during the civil war in Afghanistan. At that time the Taliban were ruling Afghanistan, and music was completely banned. I encourage you to learn more about this young, powerful composer. We (the Me/2 Orchestra) plan to perform Freedom, along with selections from Mozart and Berlioz, on … Continue reading Freedom

Bring the CDC to the Boston Public Schools

My son is a student at Manning School, and I believe we need a CDC Epi-Aid to the Boston Public Schools regarding COVID transmission (Curley, Manning, Orchard Gardens Schools, etc). Please sign our petition here. An Epi-Aid is an investigation of an urgent public health problem, such as infectious or non-communicable disease outbreaks, unexplained illnesses, or natural or manmade disasters. When a public health authority … Continue reading Bring the CDC to the Boston Public Schools

Field of Dreams

Sometimes things don’t seem to be going so well. Maybe it’s a COVID outbreak in your local schools, and the health authorities response seems tepid. Or perhaps there isn’t much action at the climate change summit in Glasgow. Or maybe there are challenges in a marriage, or issues with parenting. Perhaps you are in a funk, avoiding friends, and feeling burned out. There’s little motivation … Continue reading Field of Dreams

Regaining our Health

If you’re like me, the past several years have been stressful and difficult. COVID, quarantines, mental breakdowns, and so many other things have happened. In terms of physical health, I found my weight creep to over 200 pounds, due to the lithium that I take, along with my diet. But now, I’m trying to control what I can – nutrition and physical activity. Today I … Continue reading Regaining our Health

My letter in the Boston Globe

The Boston Globe published my letter about the homelessness crisis in today’s newspaper: We should be addressing root causes, not looking to correctional settings I am a physician with a background in public health, and I agree with Dr. Jody Rich, director of the Center for Health and Justice Transformation, that jail-based addiction programs are not a solution to the crisis at Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard (“A … Continue reading My letter in the Boston Globe

In New York City

I am traveling to NYC with the Me/2 Orchestra for performances this week. This is Mental Illness Awareness Week and we are partnering with both Neurocrine and Sing for Hope to bring music and positive mental health messages to Manhattan on Thursday-Friday! Here is our schedule for Thursday, October 7: 12:30 pm on Lincoln Center plaza This is the unveiling of a new sculpture by … Continue reading In New York City