Journal Club Presentation at Mass General

Germicidal UV is a critically important technology which can help reduce nosocomial TB transmission. Tomorrow, at 8 AM at the Potts Conference Room at Massachusetts General Hospital, I will be giving a journal club presentation on the recent article, Controlled Trial of Upper Room Ultraviolet Air Disinfection: A Basis for New Dosing Guidelines. Hope to see you there! Continue reading Journal Club Presentation at Mass General

A man from the Middle East with thrombocytopenia and complex liver lesions

Check out our new case just published on the Partners ID Images website. A man was seen in an outpatient clinic because of chronic thrombocytopenia and a liver mass noted incidentally on imaging studies. Computed tomography with intravenous contrast revealed internal thick septations and partial peripheral calcification in a mass lesion (6.5cm by 9.5cm by 8.5cm), and a smaller lesion (4cm by 3cm by 3cm) … Continue reading A man from the Middle East with thrombocytopenia and complex liver lesions

Setsuko Thurlow on Hiroshima

“I saw the bluish white flash in the windows… I had the sensation of floating in the air… the building I was in was falling…” On August 6, 1945,  Setsuko Thurlow was a 13-year-old eighth grade student at the girls’ school in Hiroshima. At 8 a.m. that morning, she was on the second floor of the school’s building, about one mile away from the site that … Continue reading Setsuko Thurlow on Hiroshima

Father Daniel Berrigan

I decided to briefly interrupt my hiatus from blogging and social media to recall the life of the legendary antiwar priest, Father Daniel Berrigan, who died on Saturday at the age of 94. Berrigan was a poet, pacifist, educator, social activist, and playwright.  Please read his obituary in the New York Times and several stories about his life on Democracy Now.  Given the global tendency towards war, Berrigan’s legacy is exceedingly important. Thanks so … Continue reading Father Daniel Berrigan

How Clinicians Can Address the Fundamental Causes of Disease

Check out this new article in the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry by my friend Adam Reich, on the “fundamental causes” of disease. In order to enhance the structural competency of medicine—the capability of clinicians to address social and institutional determinants of their patients’ health—physicians need a theoretical lens to see how social conditions influence health and how they might address them. The authors consider one such theoretical lens, fundamental cause theory, and … Continue reading How Clinicians Can Address the Fundamental Causes of Disease