Returning to Brown for my 10th Reunion

Last weekend, I returned to Brown University for my 10th college reunion. It was a meaningful, action packed weekend. A few highlights:

Friday night: Campus Dance was marred by a cold rain, but that didn’t stop alumni and students from enjoying themselves.


Saturday: Beverly Wade Hogan, President of Tougaloo College, was awarded an honorary diploma. President Hogan has devoted her career to improving the health and well-being of the people of Mississippi. Seeing her address Brown’s graduating class, and thinking about the history of the Brown-Tougaloo partnership, was very meaningful.


Saturday: I returned to West House, the environmental house where I lived for two years. I was inspired by current West House residents, who are trying to live a sustainable, ecologically-friendly lifestyle.


Sunday: Parading through Brown’s Van-Winkle Gates, which are opened only twice a year. They are opened inward to admit new students, and on Commencement Day they are opened outward, to allow the graduation procession to march out into the world.


Sunday: Seeing the enthusiasm of returning alumni on the parade route:



I’ll always be grateful to Brown.  Four years there helped broaden my horizons and open my eyes to the challenges we face around the world.


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