The end of the Airborne Infection Course

The Airborne Infection Control course at the Harvard School of Public Health is coming to an end after two enjoyable weeks. We learned a lot about mechanical and natural ventilation, UVGI, F-A-S-T, and many other important topics.  One of the biggest challenges we face in TB infection control is how to measure impact. Process indicators are useful for administrative TB IC activities, but we have a hard time demonstrating a decreased number of TB cases even with effective interventions. If you were unable to attend the course and want to learn more, discussions are ongoing in the GHDOnline TB infection control forum. A few questions to ponder as the participants board their flights back to India, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and many other countries:

  • How to build momentum for change in health facilities?
  • How to convince others that TB infection control is important?
  • How to demonstrate that TB infection control measures are effective (monitoring and evaluation, impact)?
  • How to advocate for the resources ($) we need?
  • How to sustain the progress we have made?
Airborne Infection Control Course Participants, 2015

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