A tale of two global emergencies…

Today I want to bring attention to an excellent article that my friend and collaborator Dr. Ruvandhi Nathavitharana and her coauthor Jon Friedland have published, entitled, “A tale of two global emergencies: tuberculosis control efforts can learn from the Ebola outbreak.” In it, she describes the neglect of infection control and resulting health care worker infections from Ebola and TB. Ruvandhi calls for “sustained political commitment and community engagement” and I completely agree. What can/should be done? I’d put it simply, citing Dr. Mark Rosenberg: “Real collaboration,” which is truly what it takes for global health to succeed. We must strive to develop long term collaborative (not exploitative) relationships. That’s much easier said than done, given how global health is financed and delivered in the real world. But we must try. I suggest that anyone considering working internationally read Ruvandhi’s article and Mark’s book and reflect on their messages. Your thoughts?

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