An 86-Year-Old Man With Bilateral Chronic Wounds of the Legs

An 86-year-old man presented to the wound clinic with painful chronic bilateral lower extremity ulcers. He had sustained a traumatic injury when a heavy object was dropped on his left leg 47 years prior to presentation and had undergone several debridements, skin grafts, and vein stripping procedures with no obvious clinical resolution. Rather, progressive enlargement of the ulcer ensued. He had a diagnosis of chronic venous insufficiency…

One of the best things about being an infectious diseases fellow at MGH/Brigham is working with great medical students on the consult service. Last year, I had the privilege to work with Jeff Cohen (he has since graduated from medical school and started his residency in dermatology). Jeff was seeing a patient with chronic bilateral wounds of his legs who ended up having an unusual diagnosis, and he took the initiative to write it up and now it’s published in Clinical Infectious Diseases! Thanks, Jeff.

Biopsies of leg ulcers (hematoxylin and eosin [H&E] stain
Biopsies of leg ulcers (hematoxylin and eosin [H&E] stain
(Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall so if you can’t get CID send me an email).

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