I’d give you the shirt off my back…

Today we gathered in Cape Town for an inspirational march to demand money for TB diagnostics, medications, and research (i.e. a new TB vaccine).  We also advocated for an end to TB stigma and protection of health care workers.  I hope President Obama and other leaders around the globe will listen. The bottom line is TB is airborne and it can infect and kill anyone. But it most commonly affects the poor, hence the lack of money.

When you call for an end to TB, you also call for an end to poverty.

For me, the highlight of the march was when we realized that South African Minister of Health Aaron Motsoledi needed to be wearing a TB Proof T-shirt as he awaited his turn at the podium. However, we didn’t have a spare shirt around so someone told me to quickly take off mine. I had an undershirt underneath and my shirt was quickly placed on the Minister’s broad shoulders.

I never did get the shirt back. But that’s ok:)

IMG_0722 IMG_0727 IMG_0728

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.32.59 PM
Hopefully the Minister of Health didn’t mind that the T-shirt was a bit sweaty after a long march




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