Bangalore Gyana Samajam…

I’m headed to Bengaluru this weekend for the CAMTech India Boot Camp at the Gateway Hotel.  We will be pitching UVGI to a group of entrepreneurs and engineers.

A few books in my suitcase:

We were recommended the following venues– I’m definitely planning to go to the first one:

1. Bangalore Gyana Samajam: Traditional south indian classical Carnatic music venue
2. Ranga shankara: Mostly a venue for theater, but also sometimes hosts music performances.
3. Windmills: Decent live jazz, also a brewery
4. Indigo: Another live music forward bar
5. B Flat – Bar with music from Bangalore‘s indie/alt scene
6. Nadasurabhi – Lists a number of different concerts – again south Indian classical, both vocal and instrumental.

I’m hoping to try dosas (rice based flat bread with sambar), and kesari bhatt (rice desert).

Any other travel tips?

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.30.09 AM

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