From Alabama to India, TB is an emergency

With two colleagues, Dr. Nerges Mistry and Richard Vincent, I am in Bangalore, India this week attending the CAMTech India Entrepreneur Boot Camp (participant bios are here). Our team’s goal is to raise awareness about nosocomial TB transmission and the potential of Upper Room UVGI to make Indian hospitals much safer. We are writing a business plan and searching for potential partners as UVGI gets scaled up. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating with us. From Alabama to Mumbai, TB is a global emergency and needs action now.

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2 thoughts on “From Alabama to India, TB is an emergency

  1. I may come across as being negative, but its not meant to be! In the 5 years since I contracted MDR TB working in a private dialysis unit as a professional renal nurse, my life has changed dramatically from my pre TB days. Its not just the physical illness, the horrendous medication taken daily, the deafness caused by the amikaysin, the nausea from the medication, the stigma and lack of support from colleagues, who felt I had done something wrong to have contracted TB; yes,, uninformed healthcare professionals ,but also the total change in my lifestyle. I feel MDR TB robbed me of living my life as I was used to! I can no longer work, which I miss so much, I am partially deaf, my immune system is compromised, I have been hospitalised too many times to remember between 2013 and 2015 with lung related issues. But I still believe that if through education and belonging to TB Proof, I can prevent just one person from my experience , it was all worthwhile! We focus on ending TB which is SO important, but we mustnt lose sight of the many post MDR TB patients whose quality of life is forever changed. We need to give them emotional support too!!

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