Couple struck by vehicle in Chinatown, wife dragged into Dorchester

Horrific story from Chinatown in today’s Boston Globe.

“The driver of a vehicle that struck a husband and his wife in Chinatown — and then allegedly drove three miles on the Southeast Expressway to Dorchester while dragging the female victim — is under arrest and due in a Boston court Monday, authorities said…”

A few thoughts:

  • In general, pedestrians and bikers are not respected in American cities.
  • We need to look to European cities and select US cities (Minneapolis, Portland), as we make our streets safer. Bikes and pedestrians need to be separated from cars. There needs to be as few cars as possible on city streets. Any way to slow down the velocity (speed-bumps, etc) should be on the table.
  • Our local politicians– Marty Walsh, Michelle Wu, etc, need to make this a top priority.
  • What do you think?

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