To eradicate malaria, we need a vaccine

This afternoon, I attended a session at the Harvard Global Health Institute on the quest to eradicate malaria. Speakers included Ashish Jha, Rear Admiral Timothy Zimmer, Jessica Cohen, Regina Rabinovich, and Dyane Wirth.

After listening to their presentations, and thinking about my experiences treating malaria patients, I came to the realization that we absolutely need a vaccine to eradicate malaria.  (The same holds for tuberculosis or HIV, for that matter).

A few questions that naturally come up:

  • How much money do we need to develop such a vaccine?
  • Who will finance it?
  • Who will invent it?
  • How can we generate the political will to get that money to develop a vaccine?


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3 thoughts on “To eradicate malaria, we need a vaccine

  1. I think it will be interesting to see how all the vector borne tropical diseases become of higher political interest as climate change spreads risk into US and other areas. I wish that the existing issue was impetus enough for more global funds.

    If resistance to prophylaxis became an issue for force protection, USG and others might also see need to invest in vaccine.

    Just some thoughts- I agree wish we could really put a stop to so many of these.

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