Meningococcal Infections Among Homeless People In Boston Raises Questions

Bravo to Judy Stone, Felice Freyer, and many people for their hard work yesterday to stop meningococcus in its tracks. We are continuing to work hard to ensure that people here in Boston are educated about the meningococcal situation.

I suggest you:

  • Read Judy’s excellent blog post on Forbes
  • Read Felice’s excellent story in the Boston Globe
  • Visit the CDC website to learn more about meningococcal disease. What’s most important is awareness. This is one of the most important emergencies in infectious diseases because it can kill healthy people so quickly. All clinicians, patients, family members, etc, should be aware of the telltale rash and symptoms/signs of meningococcemia.
  • Read Frank Huyler’s novel about an infectious diseases doctor who misses the diagnosis of meningococcemia in a young child due to his carelessness.
  • We need an all-out campaign to find homeless people adequate housing. This is the only way to really protect the public’s health. Where’s the money, Bostonians?

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.28.00 AM

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