Reshaping the Chesapeake Bay, one living shoreline at a time

“Where we’re standing was open water,” boasted Bhaskar Subramanian on a sun-soaked and unseasonably warm morning last fall.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources environmental scientist was standing on a sandy, crescent-shaped beach. Behind him, two small curved jetties, made of rock and covered in grasses, jutted into Chesapeake Bay.

Though it would have looked at home in a nature calendar, this slice of shore is actually a cutting-edge anti-erosion project. Scientists at the DNR’s Shoreline Conservation Service helped design it in the early 2000s, replacing a failing concrete bulkhead that had been protecting the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center’s property.

Read the rest of this Washington Post story, written by my good friend Gabriel Popkin.

How can we get more people to care about global warming and shoreline erosion?

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.20.42 AM

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