The Ups and Downs of the Bradford Pear

Mount Rainier, Md. — SPRING arrives on Sunday, and in the nation’s capital, that means a certain tree is bursting in radiant cream-colored flowers.

I’m not talking about the cherry blossoms. They may draw the crowds, but for most people in the Washington area — and, for that matter, much of the East Coast and the Midwest — the far more widespread Bradford pear is the true harbinger of spring. The tree bursts with delicate, five-petaled blooms when most everything else is dull and brown.

Read the rest of the New York Times op-ed, written by my good friend Gabriel Popkin.

I hope people go to Gabe’s website and read his articles. His writing extremely important, in a world full of environmental destruction.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.06.10 PM

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