Job opportunity: Deputy Editor, Infectious Diseases

There is a deputy editor position open at UpToDate for infectious diseases.

Job Description for UpToDate Deputy Editor

UpToDate has many contributors, including more than 3000 authors and editors around the world. Maintaining the consistency and quality of the content throughout the program relies on our in-house staff of more than 50 physician editors. This model of having physician editors in all of our specialties is one that we have followed for more than a decade, with great success.

Together with the editors-in-chief, the deputy editor is responsible for the editorial style, accuracy, clinical relevance, and currency of UpToDate. The typical deputy editor spends 80 to 90% time at UpToDate while maintaining a 10 to 20 percent clinical commitment. Specific responsibilities of the deputy editor include the following:

New Content: A good UpToDate topic review has the following characteristics:s

  1. It addresses all of the questions that a clinician coming to that topic might have.
  2. The relevant evidence is cited to answer those questions.
  3. Specific recommendations are made that the clinician can act on.

Deputy editors review and edit the new contributions from our authors to make sure they incorporate these characteristics. This includes reviewing the published literature and evidence-based medicine resources, and organizing and clearly presenting the content. These tasks require the editor to have an understanding of clinical issues and an ability to evaluate the literature. Extensive training is provided to help the editor learn critical literature review and to write in the UpToDate style.

This work is not done in isolation. UpToDate editors work closely with section editors and editors-in-chief to ensure the material is peer reviewed and necessary changes because of peer review are incorporated into topics. New material is integrated both into existing material in the program and into material in other subspecialties.

Training for editorial consistency is handled by one of the UpToDate physician editors. All new topics will be read and reviewed by the trainer editor until a satisfactory level is achieved. After that, only selected topics will be reviewed.

Existing Content: Updating is an important component of the program and is initiated most of the time by the deputy editor, who is responsible for scanning the literature for new developments and identifying topics that need updating. The deputy editors in different specialties interact with each other in many cases since there is often overlap between specialties. New deputy editors write the updates and then review them with the training editor and with the author and peer reviewers.

Deputy editors also review current UpToDate topic reviews for clarity, completeness, and relevance to the practice of their specialty. Ideally, reviews of specific topics will be initiated by clinical questions raised during ongoing clinical practice or by user feedback. If deficiencies are found, the deputy editor (in combination with the authors and outside editors) will be responsible for improving the material.

Other: Deputy editors may be involved in the demonstration and promotion of the program and provide support to the negotiation of marketing agreements with learned societies. Demonstration of the program will require occasional travel to conferences, usually no more than once yearly.

Please email Dr. Melanie Kim if you are interested (


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