Engaging health-care workers to reduce tuberculosis transmission

Although the proportion of global tuberculosis cases that arise from nosocomial transmission is unknown, many studies document that ongoing transmission in health-care facilities, primarily from undetected cases, is an important driver of the tuberculosis epidemic. Health-care workers are disproportionally affected by the occupational hazard of tuberculosis transmission, with at least a three times higher incidence of active tuberculosis shown in low-income and middle-income countries. A similar situation is also likely to affect community care providers in regions with a high tuberculosis burden, although data are scarce.

Check out the rest of our recent article in Lancet Infectious Diseases, here.

If you don’t have access to the article, send me an email.


One thought on “Engaging health-care workers to reduce tuberculosis transmission

  1. Hi Phil,

    interesting topic, that we worked on in Maputo of course.

    Not able to access the article, it would be greatly appreciate it of you could send a copy.

    Hope all is well, in Massachusetts still?

    I am currently setting up the public health department in all its field on Saba, tiniest Dutch island in the Caribbean; fun and surprisingly challenging considering the size of Saba.

    Gorgeous place also, not horrible to spend some time here with family.




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