Have Faith

Have Faith.

My first recommendation is to turn off your cell phone and social media for long chunks of time (hours, days, weeks, months). Don’t get absorbed into the fear and hate circulating on the internet. When you use technology, be aware of how you use it. Mindful Tech, by David Levy, is an excellent book.

Reach deep into your heart. Love your family. Love your neighbor. It doesn’t matter if they are a different race, religion, or skin color. Muslims are good people, Christians are good people, Jews are good people, Buddhists are good people, Hindus are good people, Atheists are good people. Etc.

Xenophobia, misogyny, fear, hate, extremism, fundamentalism, etc, are destroying human civilization.

Reach back to your faith tradition, even if it’s been absent from your family for a generation or two. That faith may be in God, or the Soul, or in Mother Earth, or in the good of humanity.

I find the Jain religion compelling, because of its focus on non-violence (Ahimsa) and multiplicity of perspectives (Anekantavada).  Jains believe that the Soul is blissful and eternal.

Interestingly, although Gandhi was a Hindu, he was quite ecumenical. His teacher, Ramachandra, was a Jain, (as described in the fine book, Gandhi Before India), and he was friends with Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

What would Jesus do in this pivotal moment? I believe he would fight for peace. Christianity in the tradition of liberation theology (Father Daniel BerriganDr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Tolstoy), can be our guide.

So can Judaism (Tikkun Olam, saving a person is like saving the world), Buddhism (the Dalai Lama), Islam, etc. All possess so much truth.

So my suggestion is that you go outside and walk. Garden. Pray. Sing. Dance. Swim. Write.  Hug your loved ones.

Humanity has a chance, if we realize that “God” may be “love,” and we all worship the same God.


2 thoughts on “Have Faith

  1. Perhaps the silver lining is the unifying force Trump will have as mothers to daughters everywhere have the same conversation that African-American mothers have always had with their sons: watch your back, censor yourself and remember they (the men in charge) consider you as ‘less’.

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