“Hinduism Abhors Stagnation”

  • Good morning. I hope you have a peaceful Friday. To start your day, here are a few thoughts:
  • Quote of the day: “Hinduism Abhors Stagnation. Knowledge is limitless and so also the application of truth. Every day we add to our knowledge of the powers of Atman, and we shall keep on doing so. New experience will teach us new duties, but truth shall ever be the same.” -MK Gandhi, The Essence of Hinduism
  • Check out the work of Andre Shelton, from the “Global Strategy of Nonviolence.”
  • Fascinating article by Holland Cotter in the New York Times about an exhibit, “The Art of the Qur’an,’ a Rare Peek at Islam’s Holy Text. You can see it until February 20, 2017 at the Sackler Gallery in Washington DC. I would love to hear from the Sackler curators, Massumeh Farhad and Simon Rettig, and Prof David Levy from the University of Washington, about how calligraphy and religion intersect.
  • Diabetes and Cause-Specific Mortality in Mexico, a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Jonathan Emberson et al. Bravo to Jeffrey Drazen for publishing this important study. I’m not a diabetes specialist, but the results of this study “jive” with what I have seen in clinical practice. Diabetes is devastating, and in my opinion, a vegan (or near-vegan) diet is key to preventing and treating the disease. We have limited evidence of this but I believe it to be a fact. If anyone has any thoughts about this, Matt O’Brien and I are hoping to eventually write an Op-Ed about diet and diabetes prevention among Latinos.
  • Yesterday at Mass General was the monthly mycobacteria conference. It is excellent becauase it brings together specialists from different disciplines: infectious diseases, pulmonology, thoracic radiology, thoracic surgery, etc. Bravo to Rocio Hurtado for putting it together!
  • Medical tourism is not safe. Check out this website from the CDC.
  • Job openings in Dallas Texas at UT Southwestern, from Trish Perl: “I have attached two of the 5 job descriptions. At least one would be perfect for someone finishing their fellowship. I also anticipate having a stewardship job available shortly. The clinical material is remarkable and Dallas is a great place to live—easy to work here. We are developing a large research program that will make these jobs more exciting.  There are also opportunities to work with a well developed basic science program that includes expertise in immunology, resistance, emerging infectious diseases, etc.
    • Associate Hospital Epidemiologist at Parkland Hospital—1,000 bed legendary safety net hospital serving Dallas County.  There is no doubt you will see things that none of us imagined.  We have a Director, Pranavi Sreeromoju who is seasoned and a great mentor.
    • Two positions at the University Hospital (s)—a Hospital Epidemiologist and a Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship.  Currently two hospitals but should be one in 2 years with 600+ beds.  Has very large active transplant and BMT programs and part of a 29 hospital system that we are developing. Potential to have a systemwide hospital epidemiology and antimicrobial stewardship program.
    • Hospital Epidemiologist for the Dallas VA—2nd largest VA in the country with cardiac surgery and other complicated surgical subspecialties.  There is a group that does outcomes research and is well developed.
    • I am also looking for physician scientists, HIV clinicians and general infectious diseases clinicians.”


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Writing and reading posts takes time and we all know that time is precious. You and I will both get much more out of this blog if it leads to dialogue/exchange of ideas. If you found this post useful and wouldn’t mind leaving a brief comment and sharing via email or social media, I would be extremely grateful. My posts are generally written quickly, so if you have any feedback, or find any factual or grammatical errors, please do let me know. Regards, “Dr. Phil”

2 thoughts on ““Hinduism Abhors Stagnation”

  1. Hello Dr Phil

    Enjoy your blog. Vegan diet and diabetes prevention! Will look into it. I have had success with turmeric powder in diabetic foot ulcers.

    I hope to transition from clinical ID practice to a clinical track academic faculty position and saw the blog link to UT South Western.

    Could you give Trish Perl my cell phone number? 701-426-4788

    Grateful for your help.


    Vinod Seth


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