Spare Change News

Good morning. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and subsequent Thanksgiving holiday. This will be my last blog entry for the next several days.

Today, I want to bring your attention to an important newspaper called Spare Change. The newspaper’s mission is “To present, by our own example, that homeless and economically disadvantaged people, with the proper resources, empowerment, opportunity, and encouragement are capable of creating change for ourselves in society.” Spare Change’s Editor in Chief is Adam Sennott.

And finally, I’m thankful to Michael Saag for mailing me a copy of his book, Positive. On the book jacket, Abraham Verghese wrote, “A wonderful, intimate, daring, and poignant memoir by a physician whose name is synonymous with the battle against HIV in this country. This book will surprise, entertain, and challenge your notions about healthcare in America.”


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Writing and reading posts takes time and we all know that time is precious. You and I will both get much more out of this blog if it leads to dialogue/exchange of ideas. If you found this post useful and wouldn’t mind leaving a brief comment and sharing via email or social media, I would be extremely grateful. My posts are generally written quickly, so if you have any feedback, or find any factual or grammatical errors, please do let me know. Regards, “Dr. Phil”


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