Larry Kotlikoff on how to prevent the next Great Depression

Yesterday, my wife and I attended an excellent session on financial planning led by Professor Larry Kotlikoff, an economist from Boston University.  At the end of the session, he discussed the risk we face of another great depression. Several important factors include inflation, high interest rates, dropping bond prices (even protected bonds), trade barriers, etc. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Professor Kotlikoff has written a document called “You’re Hired! A Trump Playbook for Fixing America’s Economy.” Please review this document and contact your Senator/ Congressperson. Our elected officials need to take leadership on this issue (along with nuclear weapons abolition!)


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2 thoughts on “Larry Kotlikoff on how to prevent the next Great Depression

  1. Excellent posts on this blog. Well thought through and yes – thought provoking. The extend of content never dries up and never fails to surprise. Thanks for your input in my (our) lives, dr. Phil – from your personal story, to your view on global current affairs. Your knowledge and views made freely available – excellent!

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