Take Nuclear Missiles Off Hair-Trigger Alert


Will President Obama act with courage during his final days in office?

The President has one last chance to reduce the danger of nuclear war. With the stroke of a pen, he can take US nuclear missiles off hair-trigger alert, so that any attempt to use these weapons would take hours or days.

Taking nuclear weapons off high alert would not impede America’s ability to defend itself. The US could still respond to an attack. But it would buy time for the president to consult with Congress and other leaders and for cooler heads to prevail. We should not rush into a decision to start nuclear war.

As Obama said in 2008: “Keeping nuclear weapons ready to launch on a moment’s notice is a dangerous relic of the Cold War. Such policies increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation. I believe that we must address this dangerous situation.”

The eight light of Hanukkah is the light of Courage. Let truth and justice be your armor and fear not. Judas Maccabeus, the hero of Hanukkah, lived by the words which Moses spoke to Joshua: “Be strong and of good courage.”

Please read and sign the petition to take America’s nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert.


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