Should doctors give their cell phone number to patients?

Conventional thinking in medicine is that hierarchy is paramount. Wear a white coat. “Call my secretary if you have a problem and she (always she) will book an appointment.” This line of thinking was deconstructed in Eric Topol’s book.

Now, a commentary by Dr. C. Ferrell Varner at the University of Tennessee addresses if doctors should give their cell phone number to patients.

“During the eight or so years that I have been doing this, I have been called back perhaps six times. It has never been ‘abused,'” Varner writes.

I also do this, and my cell phone has never been abused.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Should doctors give their cell phone number to patients?

  1. Reply from Ferrell Varner M: I want to thank Dr. Lederer for including my recommendations for ED MD’s to give their phone number to patients. I am an ED MD, and patients cannot get help or information from me or the ED unless I give my number. They have to come back to the ED. Most MD’s have someone on call for urgent questions. Or they should. I look forward to following Dr Lederer’s blog.

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