Amid Massive Tainted-Meat Scandal, Brazil Assures Safety Of Its Food Exports

Brazil has long been awash with corruption scandals, but the latest to erupt is about an issue that is particularly close to the nation’s heart and stomach — and its wallet.

Few people are more prolific meat-eaters than the Brazilians, and few are more passionate about the merits of the barbecue, or churrasco.

They grill with gusto at almost any opportunity — on the beach, the sidewalk, at soccer games and even at protest rallies, where the whiff of sizzling sausage competes with the eye-watering stink of tear gas.

So it is easy to see why this country of 200 million is struggling to digest the news that its favorite food might not be quite as wonderful as everyone thought, and that rotten meat may have been finding its way onto the menu.

Read the rest of Philip Reeves NPR story, here.

Even before this scandal, I have advocated a vegan diet to my patients. It is much better for health and for the environment.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.36.19 AM


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