Soura Bhattacharyya Co-founder & CEO, Lattice Innovations

Today, I am featuring a brief interview with Soura Bhattacharyya, who is doing important work on TB transmission.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Kolkata and grew up in Delhi. Once I finished high school (in Delhi), I  have been moving somewhat routinely – during undergrad, work, grad school, and thereafter. Post high school, the my longest continuous stay has been in the Boston area – 6 years.

How did you end up at Harvard Business School?

Through good fortune. The full answer is quite tedious. I had the support of a wonderful mentor who challenged me to aim higher (and continues to do so), and the support of friends who proofread my application, debated the purpose of life, and keep me enthused.

Why is Lattice working on Germicidal UV?

We believe that Germicidal UV is one of those rare technologies that combines doing good with doing well – i.e. it represents an attractive (and yet untapped) market opportunity with direct public health impact. I’m preaching to the choir here – but the efficacy with which Germicidal UV disinfects cleans is an order of magnitude higher than room air cleaners.

What assistance would be most helpful as you go forward with this work?  (Money, collaborators, etc).

4 things, in order of importance – access to customers, access to customers, access to customers, and funds to support both market development (travel/ meetings etc) and technology development (lab validation, testing setup) efforts.

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