It’s Time to Ban Nuclear Weapons, Guys

Check out this important interview with Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

VICE: Why make the push for a disarmament treaty this year, especially when it seems like the world is struggling just to contain nuclear weapons and conflicts?

Beatrice Fihn: People thought there was a norm: We have [nuclear weapons], but we don’t use them. The current climate gives us urgency and makes people realize gradual reductions don’t challenge the legitimacy of nuclear weapons. Nonnuclear governments feel concerned because if there is a nuclear detonation… radiation spreads. All countries have a responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen. The ban treaty is a way for governments to make sure of that, to strengthen this norm that nuclear weapons are not acceptable. They are inhuman, indiscriminate weapons. There was this feeling that we cannot wait for the nuclear-armed states. Those with power are never going to give up their power voluntarily. It has to be a demand from others.

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