Fundraising Party, Sunday at 5 PM in Boston

The policy of forced separation of children is tantamount to child abuse, a violation of the human rights of children.

But we shall overcome.

My wife and I are holding a fundraising party for the Poor People’s Campaign at our home in Boston on Sunday at 5PM.

We will be featuring the Saint Rose Quintet, a jazz band in the style of famed saxophonist Charlie Parker. The Saint Rose Quintet is led by pianist Yu Jung Jung, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Please email me, lederer at gmail dot com if you want to attend.



5 thoughts on “Fundraising Party, Sunday at 5 PM in Boston

  1. We are unable to attend this caring event, but we will make a donation to the cause. Thank you very much for being actively improving the lives of others. God bless you and your family. ♡♡♡

  2. Phil I am wondering why none of the municipalities where this is happening have not arrested the people working in these centers or those separating the families for child abuse. On the border, I can see that this wouldn’t be politically in line with many towns but with large cities like NY- the cities have the police authority to arrest people for child abuse and stop child abuse. And CPS has the authority to go in and evaluate welfare. Anyhow, I hadn’t seen that specific call to action in any press and thought I’d pass it on to you since you have a national voice on these topics.

    I’m working here to get word out on the June 30th events and to raise money as well – good luck with your event in Boston. Carrie

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