Trump, at Putin’s Side, Questions U.S. Intelligence on 2016 Election

Yesterday, President Donald Trump stood next to President Vladimir Putin and challenged the conclusion of his own intelligence agencies, that Moscow interfered with the 2016 election.

All of this seems like it’s coming out of an Isabelle Allende novel, crafted for Fox News and CNN to keep people watching TV.

But remember what’s important:

The main issue is we risk rekindling the Cold War, which could lead to an accidental nuclear war.

And if nuclear war happened, it would be a medical and public health crisis of massive proportions. As Drs. Jim Muller, John Pastore, and recently I wrote in our Op-Ed in the Boston Globe:

The relation of massive nuclear destructive force to national security requires such a change in human thinking that our leaders will not be able to bring us to safety without broad public support. It is time, with the help of an informed citizenry, to address not just the symptom but also the underlying disease: the existence of thousands of legal nuclear weapons threatening billions of innocent civilians.

In other news, it’s a beautiful Tuesday morning day here in Boston.

The birds are chirping.

I hope they don’t have West Nile virus.


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