Vote for Nika Elugardo to defeat Jeffrey Sanchez

Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee in Massachusetts, is running for reelection. I suggest you vote against him in the upcoming election. The income/inequality gap is widening here in the city of Boston. It’s time for folks, rich and poor, to speak out to help end poverty and racism.

Of course we should be voting for Nika Elugardo.

Some people might say that Mayor Walsh and Rep Sanchez are helping the poor. What’s the evidence for that?

What about the Boston City Council? Why don’t African-American kids in Mattapan have access to high quality public schools? Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell and their colleagues are trying to make things better, but in general, the City Council is ineffective.

Here in Massachusetts, in general, most white liberals are not helping poor folks and minorities. Statistics demonstrate that this is true. Inequality is getting worse.

#dontletthemstealyouroutrage is the hashtag to be aware of.

What can you do to end income inequality?

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Best regards,

Philip Albert Lederer MD

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