Your Money or Your Life

One of my goals for today is to read the entire book, “Your Money or Your Life,” by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

Has anyone read this book?

I’ll check back in later today after I’ve finished the book. It is 350 pages and I estimate I will finish by 2PM.

Please let me know what you think of this blog post by leaving comments below or sharing on social media. I will attempt to respond via blog comments or Twitter. I won’t be sending any emails today, however. 


Best regards, 

Philip Albert Lederer

2 thoughts on “Your Money or Your Life

  1. Phil Lederer – you are an incredible individual. I am very privileged to know you. Thanks for inspiring day to day by your frank opinions, honesty, humility and sincerity. Little J is lucky with such an awesome dad. And K with such an inspirational husband. Please continue to inspire us!

    1. Dear Cape Town friend,
      Thanks so much!
      I suspect I know who this is, but am not sure. I have lots of Cape Town friends, but one particular friend is sticking out in my mind. I suspect this is written by someone with the initials J.P.
      Lets correspond by post. What is your mailing address?
      Thanks for your support.
      Best regards,

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