sandy bay

with friends and family, i enjoyed a delightful day in sandy bay (rockport), massachusetts.

we took the commuter rail up from boston in the morning and i brought my bike on the train. we spent most of our day at front beach and i cycled around the town a few times.

a few interesting tidbits (interesting to me, at least):

  • i spent much of the day thinking about the writing of marcel proust, the early 20th century french writer, and michel foucault, a french 20th century philosopher and historian. words have power, and memory is embedded in the shared cultural landscape. nonconformity is rarely appreciated; it is usually feared.
  • watch this video about foucault to learn more about what i mean. foucault was very suspicious of institutions. he disagreed with academic historians; he didnt care for historical accuracy. we should use foucault as a way to question the dominant histories of our times. foucault made history life-enhancing and philosophically rich.
  • proust argued that we should stop wasting time and start appreciating existence, and he also said the meaning of life is art. we must learn to appreciate existence before it is too late.
  • i remain more convinced than ever the importance of the arts, including fiction, poetry, painting, music, dance, and drama. anyone who wishes to achieve “happiness” should participate in the arts, as an active participant, not just a spectator. that is especially true for medical doctors and scientists because of their stressful professions.
  • i had an interesting conversation with dr. george marinakis, a psychologist who works at the triumph center. he does cognitive behavioral therapy and helps children with autism. we agreed that rockport is a delightful town but would be even better if there were no traffic on the weekends, and speed bumps were installed throughout the high-pedestrian areas.
  • i enjoyed meeting mr. joe dapper, a senior marketing consultant at the weei sports radio network and entercom communications. he kindly let me borrow his cell phone since I couldn’t find any wifi internet. i’m becoming convinced that having a cell phone is not necessary in modern society.
  • i daydream about hiking the entire appalachian trail. maybe next year or the year after? If not the appalachian trail maybe the pacific crest trail?
  • i wondered about what the prevalence is of west nile virus in rockport. there were lots of birds around town.
  • It’s interesting that many people don’t seem to have heard about Dr. Andrew Weil.
  • Check out this interesting business, the Blossom Shop, based in Switzerland. Patty, originally from Massachusetts, lives in the French part of Switzerland with her husband Yves, a civil engineer, and their family. She teaches English and runs the Blossom Shop, which sells hair products for kids with curly hair.

i write these blog entries in all lower case to remind you that they are informal, not scientific writing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 8.16.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 7.48.44 PM.png


4 thoughts on “sandy bay

  1. Hi Philip! Great meeting you and your family. We might come down to JP this weekend, if we do, we’ll reach out to you and your family. Patti

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