parents worry about contact with unvaccinated child

i read with interest the column in the boston globe this morning by amy dickinson, “ask amy,” entitled parents worry about contact with unvaccinated child. a woman under the pseudonym “worried new mother,” wrote to ms. dickinson because her “brother and his partner” had a young child and chose not to vaccinate.

i was impressed by ms. dickinson’s cogent reply to “worried new mother” in favor of vaccines. however, i do disagree that pediatricians “don’t mind being cast as the ‘bad guy'” in the vaccine conversation. this seems like a generalization. lots of pediatricians i know get frustrated with parents who don’t listen to them regarding the overwhelming medical evidence about the safety and importance of vaccines.

just read the work of dr. paul offit from children’s hospital of philadelphia to learn more about vaccines. the main issue here is the lack of science literacy in our general population.

thanks for reading!

dr. phil lederer


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