going on vacation; embrace your inner artist

i’m going on vacation for ten days and just wanted to say hello via video. the transcript of the text is below

hello, my name is philip lederer and i’m an infectious diseases doctor in boston massachusetts, and i wanted to say thank you for coming to my website.

i just thought i would make a quick video blog post. so many things happening in my life the last couple of months and the vast majority of thigns i have not put on this blog, i wanted to say thank you for those of you, family and friends, colleagues who have been supporting me

and i wanted to talk a bit about a concept i would describe as healing, or health, or spontaneous healing, to quote dr. andrew weil.

so what is healing and health, and what are we in the medidcal profession supposed to know about healing and health?

so it seems like many doctors get wrapped up in this idea of the electronic medical record, and billing, and drug companies, and insurance, and these sorts of things, and unfortunately often forget about healing and health.

basically, the idea is, is that the body is in a state of balance, and the body wants to return to balance. so when the body and mind get perturbed, and upset, or confused, and something’s going on, the body is trying desperately trying to return to some kind of equalibrium, by speaking out, by acting unusally, in different ways, to try to return to that inner calm.

so you might feeling some kind of anxiety or stress or depression these days, most people are, and i have been.

so i would say that we can focus on the negative. we can focus on fires and climate change, we can focus on what’s going on in washington dc. we can focus on nuclear weapons bans, or ebola in the democratic republic of congo, or homelessness in your own town.

and it’s important to think about those things, and work for health equity. that’s what i do, i’m very passionate about health equity, but if we get out of balance, if we get in this sense of frenzy, trying to do too many things, we don’t really accomplish anything.

so i encourage you to spend time wtih your family and friends in nature. grow some fruits and vegetables be outside, and engage with music and the arts, dance, theatre, etc.

i’m here in my living room, with my old steinway piano, and my trumpet, and my violin, and my aretha franklin records, because aretha franklin died recently.

but, i would encourage everyone to really embrace that inner artist, because that inner artist is there.

have a great week or two, and i’ll see you after labor day.

(please forgive the poor videography, i made it myself with my laptop).

best regards, phil


2 thoughts on “going on vacation; embrace your inner artist

  1. Thanks for sharing, Phil. Hope you have a great vacation. I too am finding that I need to embrace the inner artist such as it is. It allows a bit of time for some peace for my soul. See you soon, I hope.

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