hidden gem just outside boston: walden pond

we had a wonderful day yesterday at walden pond just outside boston. trees, water, sun. thoreau.

it’s a glorious place.

a few photos are below.

my only suggestion is for the town of concord to relocate the parking lot a mile away and have a shuttle bus bring visitors to the pond. it could even generate more revenue for concord and would calm the place down.

have you ever swam at walden pond or read the work of henry david thoreau?

if so, please leave a reply below.

we stopped at milbrook farm on cambridge turnpike before we arrived at walden pond
echinacea. helps with rhinovirus supposedly.
the best strawberries and blueberries i have ever eaten, from milbrook farm
at walden pond visitor center. this is thoreau’s flute.
so why are human beings trying to destroy nature?
a replica of thoreau’s cabin
at the gift shop… a bit of irony here
the pond, full of swimmers
map of the pond and woods nearby
walking down to the pond
a bit later, the swimmers start to go home
sitting under the trees, just like henry thoreau did so many years ago

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