med students awol

and now, a story by orly nadell farber in STAT, about the future doctors of america, who “cut class… not to gossip in the bathroom or flirt behind the bleachers. they skip to learn– at twice the speed.”

nationally, nearly one-quarter of second-year medical students reported last year that they “almost never” attended class during the first two, preclinical years, a 5% increase from 2015.

when i was a first and second year medical student from 2004-2005 i always attended class, even though we had the option of watching online using the university of pennsylvania’s “virtual curriculum 2000” system.

when you attend lectures in person you can ask questions and interact with the expert. taking notes in person also helps me retain information.

i think the medical students are making a mistake. but it’s also incumbent upon the deans and professors at medical schools to ensure that their lecturers are engaging, and using a “flipped classroom model” whenever possible. and the professors must be teaching towards step 1.

what do you think?  please leave a reply below.

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