We Need Safer Streets

We Need Safer Streets, part I (Jamaica Plain Gazette)

We are a Jamaica Plain father (age 37) and son (age 3) writing together, because we believe JP streets are dangerous for children, pedestrians, and bicyclists. We dread the possibility of a devastating accident here in JP, similar to the tragedy in South Boston in July, when a van jumped the curb and struck a stroller.

JP streets are filled with distracted Uber and Lyft drivers, along with sleep-deprived motorists and truck drivers, many of whom don’t live in our neighborhood, and aren’t invested in the safety of our streets.

We respectfully request that our elected officials

  1. Construct protected bike lanes on South, Centre, and Washington Streets, South Huntington Avenue, Arborway, and Jamaicaway.
  2. Decrease the speed limit to 20 miles per hour
  3. Increase police presence to ticket speeders, particularly near the Forest Hills Orange Line station. Arborway is not a highway.
  4. Install automatic traffic cameras, which will generate revenue for the city of Boston.
  5. Build speed bumps on JP side streets.

The goal is making JP streets safer and friendlier. There will also be a positive economic impact on local businesses if there are more pedestrians on the streets. More money spent here in JP, less money spent on Amazon.

Mayor Walsh and Boston City Council members, by making JP streets safer, everyone’s lives will be enriched. Our children’s lives depend on you taking action now.

We need safer streets, part II

We were pleased by the positive response to our recent letter (“We Need Safer Streets,” September 28). For example, we learned that speed humps are installed through the “Neighborhood Slow Streets program,” which will have another application cycle in 2019.

However, this morning, on our tricycle ride to Forest Hills Station, we saw yet another car crash.

We need action now, before it’s too late. The planning process needs to be accelerated, and the cars need to slow down.
Philip Lederer
Joseph Lederer

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