Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you are well.

My name is Philip Lederer, and I was born in Columbus, Ohio in October, 1980. My training is in infectious diseases, from Massachusetts General Hospital, and in public health, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I live in Boston with my wife, also a doctor, and our 6-year-old son. Recently, I accepted a position as a staff physician at Upham’s Corner Health Center, in Dorchester.

In addition, I play the violin, guitar, and banjo and am interested in music and healing. I am a member of the International Association for Music and Medicine, an organization which encourages and supports the use of music in medical contexts including research into the benefits of music, and its specialized applications in healthcare.

I’ve come to realize that we must treat the whole person, and accompany patients on their journey from illness back to health. We can live in harmony with the rhythms and patterns of nature.

Please contact me by email: lederer at gmail dot com.