Barefoot Jogging

I recently enrolled in Colin Turner’s excellent twelve week running course here in Boston. Colin, a former college track and cross country star at College of Wooster, brings an infectious, positive attitude to his teaching. Our cohort of students are learning about everything from exercise physiology to running gear, and study technique of elite marathoners such as Eliud Kipchoge. Colin has us take videos of … Continue reading Barefoot Jogging

Regaining our Health

If you’re like me, the past several years have been stressful and difficult. COVID, quarantines, mental breakdowns, and so many other things have happened. In terms of physical health, I found my weight creep to over 200 pounds, due to the lithium that I take, along with my diet. But now, I’m trying to control what I can – nutrition and physical activity. Today I … Continue reading Regaining our Health