Jocelyn Avelica

On Tuesday morning, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez and his wife were driving their 13-year-old daughter Fatima to her school in the northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park just after dropping off their younger daughter. Then, two black, unmarked vehicles approached the family’s car. Fatima captured part of the arrest on her cellphone, in which she can be heard sobbing as ICE agents arrest and detain her father. He … Continue reading Jocelyn Avelica

Sara Beltran Hernandez

Sara Beltran Hernandez, from El Salvador is claiming asylum in the US as she reports that a gang leader and gang members who are believed to have killed people in the past have sent her death threats in El Salvador. According to her affidavit in support of her asylum claim, Hernandez suffered serious physical and psychological domestic violence, and was sexually abused. According to her … Continue reading Sara Beltran Hernandez