The Flores of Miraflores

It’s our last day in Lima, Peru. This trip has been exciting and productive although brief. It has been a privilege to collaborate with Socios en Salud which has a 20 year history of working on behalf of people living with tuberculosis.  We are hopeful that by implementing FAST, we will be able to demonstrate a decreased rate of TB infection in health care workers in … Continue reading The Flores of Miraflores

Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow

It was October of 2012. I was a few months into my EIS experience at CDC and visiting Namibia for the first time. Strolling around downtown in the capital city of Windhoek, I was a bit surprised. German stores and signs were everywhere. Had I arrived in Berlin or Sub-Saharan Africa? It was a national holiday, so the city center was deserted. In the summer heat I had … Continue reading Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow