From Dr. Peter Small: Happy New Year! I am looking for an exceptional MD or PhD to take a leadership role in executing a drone based innovative TB control project in Madagascar .  This 1-2 year fellowship will be based at Stony Brook University (where Peter Small has recently founded a Global Health Institute) and operated out of the Center ValBio in Ranomafana, Madagascar (where Stony … Continue reading Madagascar

Back to the Future: Rethinking global control of tuberculosis

If the ultimate goal of controlling an infectious disease is to interrupt transmission, the current global TB strategy is not succeeding. Read a new article here, by Profs Barry Bloom and Rifat Atun, which describes the crisis we are facing. If you cannot access the PDF, please email me.   Thanks so much for visiting my website! Writing and reading blog posts does take time and we all know that time … Continue reading Back to the Future: Rethinking global control of tuberculosis

Professor Madhu Pai at Harvard

Today, Prof Madhu Pai from McGill visited and gave two lectures. The first lecture was at the Harvard School of Public Health and was a review of the landscape of TB diagnostics and therapeutics. Afterwards, I asked him about TB advocacy (the same question I asked Mario Raviglione a few weeks ago). Prof Pai agreed that strengthening advocacy and civil society needs to be an urgent priority. He suggested … Continue reading Professor Madhu Pai at Harvard

Update on TB in South Africa

Quick update on tuberculosis from my friends and colleagues in Cape Town, South Africa. This is particularly important as the 46th Union World Conference On Lung Health is only a few weeks away. I plan to be there. The Minister of Health of South Africa addressed the National Assembly in Parliament recently to introduce the Barcelona Declaration, his massive TB screening campaign and his new National … Continue reading Update on TB in South Africa

Bart Simpson and Jesus Christ

TB is a dreadful disease, as I blog several times per week. But it’s not every day that I have some awesome TB artwork to share with you. I took these photos today at a hospital in Lima, Peru where we are working, implementing FAST. My only question is while it seems reasonable to dress up Jesus Christ as Superman, isn’t the letter “D” a bit … Continue reading Bart Simpson and Jesus Christ

Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow

It was October of 2012. I was a few months into my EIS experience at CDC and visiting Namibia for the first time. Strolling around downtown in the capital city of Windhoek, I was a bit surprised. German stores and signs were everywhere. Had I arrived in Berlin or Sub-Saharan Africa? It was a national holiday, so the city center was deserted. In the summer heat I had … Continue reading Memories of Namibia; Peru tomorrow