change your life.

here’s your free “healthy new you” self-assessment workbook.

questions and ideas to help you make more money, live a calmer, healthier and happier life, and thrive

i suggest you print out this website and answer the questions using pen/paper

i look forward to your feedback


dr. phil lederer


change can be frightening. do you really want to change your life?

why do you want to change your life?

what do you want to change most?

what’s preventing you from changing?

do you want others to change?

if you could change one thing about your husband/wife/partner/parent/child/dog what would it be?

do you have a personal mission statement?


do you know your communication style?

how often do you communicate by email versus text message vs phone call vs in-person vs other?

have you made mistakes in the past (sending bad emails or texts, that got you in trouble, for example)?

how would you like to change your communication style?

do you speak a second language?

do you keep a diary?

music, art, dance, acting

do you sing?

do you whistle?

do you play a musical instrument?

do you paint?

do you sculpt?

do you draw?

do you dance?

do you act?


how is your current state of health?

what is harming your health?

what is helping your health?

what could you do to improve your health?

what time do you go to bed?

what time do you wake up in the morning?

do you take any medications?

where do you get your food?

where do you get your water?

how are your interpersonal relationships?

how is your sex life?

do you smile and laugh often?

do you feel depressed or anxious often?

how much time do you spend in front of a screen?

how often do you exercise?

do you cook regularly?

do you buy food in restaurants regularly?

what is healthy food?

what is unhealthy food?


list out your current income streams?

how can you diversify your income streams?

are you trying to build your own brand?

if you have an online presence, which of your blog posts, podcasts, or videos have been particularly popular?

spirituality and faith

what gives you hope?

what brings you joy?

have you written your obituary?

after you die, what do you hope will happen to you?


Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.37.30 AM
with my great grandmother, ~1985