cultural strategy: using nature, the arts and language to change from within

“creativity in movement + simplicity in execution = success” — andrew gosselin

“i can’t focus, that’s my weakness. except when i can focus, that’s my strength.” — philip albert lederer

i am launching a mini-certificate course, taught at the level of an executive mba class, but much cheaper. taught by me, philip albert lederer md and several highly qualified teaching assistants

the course will be taught in jamaica plain, massachusetts, december 1-2, 2018 and june 1-2, 2019 (mark your calendar).

it will have a maximum of five students in december 2018 and five more in june 2019

why a “mini” certificate?

A two day program delivers a mini-certificate, not a technical certificate.

what is the schedule?

the two day weekend is divided into four blocks.

day 1, block 1: (8am-12pm) hiking in the arnold arboretum of harvard university. identifying trees, birds, animal tracking. doesn’t matter if it is snowing or 100 degrees, we will start the day out looking at nature, and recording it with oil-based paints as well as photography

day 1, block 2: (1pm-5pm), jamaica plain, lecture and small group sessions focused on understanding cultural strategy, the originals framework, the immunity to change model, creative writing. everyone will produce an original song. nonverbal communication at work. students are taught how to stop slouching while sitting/standing/walking. closing ceremony.

day 2, block 1: (8am-12pm): museum of fine arts, boston, 8-10 am, then berklee college of music, 10-12 pm.

day 2, block 2: (1pm-5pm), jamaica plain,  lecture and small group sessions focused on foreign language proficiency and the importance of emotional intelligence. also, several lectures on entreprenueurial mindset, machine learning from colleagues at the massachusetts institute of technology (mit), and my most popular lecture, “everything important you would have learned in medical school in 30 minutes.” everyone will perform their original song and be videotaped which will go on youtube (assisted by my team of student musicians from the berklee college of music)

what are the application requirements?

intellectual curiosity, the ability to read/write, and a 300 word essay on why you want to attend the course, and willingness to participate in activities that stretch your comfort zone (art, music, dance, learning basic chinese/korean/portuguese, etc).

when is the application deadline?

for the december course the deadline is october 1. for the june course the deadline is april 1. email your 500 word essay to me as well as mike mclaughlin. if you don’t get a response, assume we did not receive/ read it.

what makes your program different?

Most risk “certification” are design to learn to comply with Basel and other regulations. We teach risk.

and yet, remember:

“education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” — oscar wilde

what is the cost?

$2000 is the standard cost. However, if you are a college or graduate student or in a tough financial situation, I will apply my standard sliding scale. for example, if you are homeless/unemployed, you may attend the course for free if are selected.

i am considering a career switch. How might the mini-course help me?

The mini-certificate is much cheaper than an executive mba, and requires only a fraction of the time and financial commitment.