(note– as you can tell from this blog, i am a bit of an unorthodox thinker. here is an attempt at humor)

i am interested in dogs. most people like dogs because they are cute and bark and run around and make people laugh. i am not like most people.

although my goal in life is to make people laugh.

i like dogs because i am interested in dog viruses.

i kid you not.

there are lots of viruses that infect dogs. here are a few.

before i get to that, i used to have purple hair in college. now i am balding and almost 40. that does not make me sad. that makes me glad to be alive.

when there is a dog and i don’t know what virus it is infected with then i am sad.

also i am not a veterinarian. i just am very interested in dog viruses.

one virus that most people know about is rabies. that is a bad one to have because it kills the dog and also can kill us if the dog bites us. dogs should be vaccinated against rabies.

you might wonder why i am writing this essay in all lower case. it is because i love dog viruses.

just joking, it is because i am still trying to make you laugh.

just a few more thoughts about dog rabies. dog rabies can infect other animals that look like dogs but are not dogs. remember that foxes and coyotes look like dogs but they are not dogs.

all dogs are not equally likely to catch rabies. dogs that are not vaccinated are more likely. dogs that live in places with lots of rabies cases are more likely.

ok on to another dog virus.

canine distemper. this is a bad dog virus. it kills 50-80% of the dogs.  it is very contagious. raccoons can get it. it is a paramyxovirus like measles in people.

next virus.


by now you may be thinking that whoever is writing this website about dogs it totally bananas.

well you are wrong, this is just written by a human doctor who happens to be obsessed with dog viruses.

ok on to bordatella and canine parainfluenza virus. that makes dogs cough. there is a vaccine.

adenovirus type 1 is sort of similar but it can affect liver and kidneys. that is similar to adenovirus in human beings.

remember i am a human being not a dog doctor so if u have a sick dog please don’t email me i won’t respond.

i am only interested in the viruses not the dog.

dogs are a bag of viruses. they shouldn’t be called dogs they should be called vogs.

from now on i am calling these dogs vogs.

ok, so here we go. hepatitis. that can make the vog’s eyes yellow.

that is like hepatitis can also make humans’ eyes yellow.

in humans there are hepatitis a,b,c,d,e but we are not talking about human hepatitis viruses here we are talking about vogs.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.51.02 PM

yes at boston university our mascot is a dog actually it is a person dressed up as a dog

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