Longwood Chorus 2018

Some of my music is here.

12/24/17– The Wheels on the Bus, and other “Holiday Songs”

The Wheels on the Bus (with Joseph Lederer)

Ave Maria

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

You are My All in All

Silent Night

This Little Light of Mine

Prior Uploads

Crab Orchard Quickstep (JB Miller)

Barlow Knife (G, John Salyer)

Beaver Slide Rag (C, Peg Leg Howell)

Big Sweet Taters in Sandy Land (Gx, Clyde Davenport)

Billy in the Lowground (C, John Salyer)

Blackfoot (G, Clyde Davenport)

Blackberry Blossom (G, Ed Haley)

The Blue Goose (G, Buddy Thomas)

Bound to have a Little Fun (G)

Cabo Verdranos Peca Nove (C, Abrew’s Portuguese Instrumental Trio)

Dunbar (C, Ed Haley)

Five Miles from Town (D, Clyde Davenport)

Forked Deer (G, John Salyer)

Goodbye Girls I’m Going to Boston (Ax, Art Stamper)

Jenny in the Cotton Patch (Gx, Clyde Davenport)

John Henry (G, Pete Seeger)

John Rawl Jamieson (G, Buddy Thomas)

Johnny Come Along (G, Clyde Davenport)

Kentucky Winder (G, John Salyer)

Kitty Puss (G, Buddy Thomas)

Last of Harris (G, John Salyer)

Lost Girl (G, John Salyer)

Nine Miles from Louisville (G, Buddy Thomas)

Pumpkin Vine (G, Buddy Thomas)

Rose in the Mountain (John Salyer)

Sally Goodin (G, Clyde Davenport)

Sheeps and Hogs Walking through the Pasture (G, Buddy Thomas)

Sugar in the Gourd (G, Clyde Davenport)

Sweet Sunny South (Ax, Buddy Thomas)

Third Amendment aka Going up to Hamburg (G, Rich Hartness), with E-major chord on B part

Turkey Gobbler (G, Buddy Thomas)

Violin Sing the Blues for me (D, Johnson Boys)

Woodchuck (D, Ed Haley)

Year of Jubilo (D, Tim Cape, Jan Smith)


14 minutes

“Music is an especially powerful shaping force, for listening to and especially playing it engages many different areas of the brain, all of which must work in tandem: from reading musical notation and coordinating fine muscle movements in the hands, to evaluating and expressing rhythm and pitch, to associating music with memories and emotion.”  – Dr. Oliver Sacks