My Music – private version

Music is an important part of my life even though I’ve never practiced consistently or really developed my skills. I agree with the late Dr. Oliver Sacks who wrote,

“Music is an especially powerful shaping force, for listening to and especially playing it engages many different areas of the brain, all of which must work in tandem: from reading musical notation and coordinating fine muscle movements in the hands, to evaluating and expressing rhythm and pitch, to associating music with memories and emotion.” 


Puerta del cielo

Hang me (Dave Van Ronk). First time I ever played this. Could use some work:)

City of New Orleans (Arlo Guthrie). 73

Sweet Little Baby (Pete Seeger)

Crab Orchard Quickstep (JB Miller)

Bought Me a Cat (Pete Seeger)

Jim Along Joe

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad

Wheels on the Bus

This Old Man (C)

Alma Waltz (F, Mississippi Mud Steppers)

Ariang (C)

Barlow Knife (G, John Salyer)

Beaver Slide Rag (C, Peg Leg Howell)

Big Sweet Taters in Sandy Land (Gx, Clyde Davenport)

Billy in the Lowground (C, John Salyer)

Blackfoot (G, Clyde Davenport)

Blackberry Blossom (G, Ed Haley)

The Blue Goose (G, Buddy Thomas)

Bound to have a Little Fun (G)

Bring them Home (A, Pete Seeger)

Cabo Verdranos Peca Nove (C, Abrew’s Portuguese Instrumental Trio)

Carol of the Beasts (Am, Pete Seeger)

The Coo-Coo Bird (G, Clarence Ashley, Doc Watson)

Crawdad Song (D, Doc Watson)

Curly Headed Baby (D Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie)

Dunbar (C, Ed Haley)

Five Miles from Town (D, Clyde Davenport)

Forked Deer (G, John Salyer)

Freedom Trilogy (G, Odetta)

Goodbye Girls I’m Going to Boston (Ax, Art Stamper)

Hobo’s Lulllaby (G, Joan Baez)

I’m on my way

Jenny in the Cotton Patch (Gx, Clyde Davenport)

John Henry (G, Pete Seeger)

John Rawl Jamieson (G, Buddy Thomas)

Johnny Come Along (G, Clyde Davenport)

Kentucky Winder (G, John Salyer)

Kitty Puss (G, Buddy Thomas)

Last of Harris (G, John Salyer)

Louis Collins (C, Mississippi John Hurt)

Lost Girl (G, John Salyer)

Mary Had a Baby (D Major, Pete Seeger)

Michael Row the Boat Ashore (C, Pete Seeger)

Nine Miles from Louisville (G, Buddy Thomas)

Oklahoma Hills (G, Arlo Guthrie, Woodie Guthrie)

Pastures of Plenty (D minor, Woody Guthrie)

Pumpkin Vine (G, Buddy Thomas)

Rose in the Mountain (John Salyer)

Sally Goodin (G, Clyde Davenport)

Sheeps and Hogs Walking through the Pasture (G, Buddy Thomas)

She’ll be comin’ round the mountain (G, Pete Seeger)

Sitting on top of the World (D, Doc Watson)

Sugar in the Gourd (G, Clyde Davenport)

Study War No More (E-Major, Pete Seeger)

Sweet Sunny South (Ax, Buddy Thomas)

The Times They Are A Changin’ (G, Bob Dylan)

Third Amendment aka Going up to Hamburg (G, Rich Hartness), with E-major chord on B part

This Land is Your Land (G, Woody Guthrie)

Turkey Gobbler (G, Buddy Thomas)

Violin Sing the Blues for me (D, Johnson Boys)

What Child is This (E minor, Pete Seeger)

Woodchuck (D, Ed Haley)

Year of Jubilo (D, Tim Cape, Jan Smith)

Thanks to the following people: My parents, Ann and Al Lederer, for all those years of violin lessons and encouragement. My wife Kristen Lee, for her support. Jeff Todd Titon for his amazing book and ethnomusicology research. My college roommates and band mates (Jerimoth Hill String Band), Ben Sigelman, Dan King, and Colin HarrisGabe Popkin. My friend Moonshine for getting me back into fiddling after a decade sojourn. And all the fiddlers, especially Clyde Davenport. Just for fun, posting a few recordings I have made, below (outtakes). Thanks for listening!

My parents started me on “Suzuki Method” violin at the age of three. I continued playing classical violin through high school in the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra. I also sang in my high school’s concert choir for one semester. When I went to college, I played violin for one semester in the Brown University Orchestra. But I tired of classical music and quit the Brown orchestra. Looking for other music opportunities, I considered an Irish string band but that option was not currently available. Therefore I joined Jeff Todd Titon’s old-time string band class.  I started learning the old-time fiddle tunes of Kentucky which Jeff had laboriously documented in a terrific book. Three friends (Ben SigelmanColin Harris, and Dan King), and I started our own old-time group, which we called the Jerimoth Hill String Band. I started learning fiddling around with the guitar and banjo but never really practiced. Then, after college graduation in 2003, we scattered across the United States and my playing dropped off during my medical training. In 2014, I met the fiddler, banjo player, dancer, and epidemiologist “Moonshine” on the Atlanta Beltline. Moonshine got me back into fiddling after a decade’s absence. Now I’m trying to pass on the old-time/ folk music to my little son, Joe, trying to leverage video/audio to improve my learning/playing.  Hope you enjoy these works in progress.