Ipomoea purpurea

All I have to say is this Schubert’s Quintet in C Major, Opus 163 Pablo Casals. that’s it. no, wait. there’s more. the bohemian scene in Berlin expressionism and dadaism (not mamaism) the turning of the artistic avant-garde. thanks, Fritz and Laura, and neighborly Alan. no wait. even more. it’s time to swim. off to the bathtub. because the pool is closed. hey wait did … Continue reading Ipomoea purpurea

Raphanus sativus

The boggieman didn’t come last night The radishes grow despite the beetles The runner beans are climbing Jack and his stalk States cut and borrow to balance the books The pandemic wrecks budgets Corona prompts global mental health crisis Millions feel alone, anxious and depressed maybe not The little boy is growing The pesticide committee meets regularly The raccoon won’t break into the woodshed The … Continue reading Raphanus sativus

Brassica oleracea

In Chinese, the word for crisis 危机 is related to the word for opportunity I study the box of matches in my hand, distributed by Supervalu Inc, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, maybe somewhere near Lake Wobegon, in Mist County? When I was a child, I wondered if Garrison Keillor was black, based on the deep quality of his (her) voice. I painted my skin brown once, with … Continue reading Brassica oleracea

Acer saccharum

The maple in our backyard isn’t sugary, I don’t know its’ genus and species names Botany wasn’t my undergraduate major, although Mars, Karen and I trooped up and down a forested hill collecting soil samples for a semester Long ago, but it’s the same time of year, that transition time, May into June, of graduations, and love, when anything is possible, when we salute and … Continue reading Acer saccharum

Aspalathus linearis

When I went to Gaborone, there were baboons Papio ursinus – in the parking lot of the supermarket, scrounging for food We’d climb Kgale hill outside the city, in the red dust, over the rocks My friend Christopher’s keys were stolen and he tried to chase the thief; he resurfaced recently on a Zoom – not Zen – meditation At Princess Marina (of Greece and … Continue reading Aspalathus linearis