I was fortunate to attend the Math, Science, and Technology Program at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky from 1995-1999. For four years I went to school at “zero hour,” 6:30 AM for an extra science class. I was taught by visionaries like Walter Koetke, Libby Kikuchi, Kara Feeback, and Jud Brown. I did a plant genetics research project my senior year at the University of Kentucky’s Tobacco, Health, Research Institute, with Dr Quinn Li.

This MSTC program, located within a large public school, taught me the critical importance of science literacy. I use this lesson every day when I think about climate change, COVID, emerging infectious diseases, etc.

Why don’t we have an MSTC in every high school in America? We must address the anti-science sentiment and political polarization, as one physician friend recently wrote me.

We must improve science education in our public schools. This should be one of the very top priorities of our time. It will require a huge “frame shift” in our thinking and political organizing at all levels. Please contact me if this issue is a priority for you.