From 2012-2014 I served as a member of the TB/HIV team at the Division of Global HIV/AIDS at the CDC. From 2015-2017, I was a postdoctoral research fellow in the TB transmission group headed by Dr. Ed Nardell at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  This website serves as my TB advocacy page. TB is a neglected “Time Bomb.” Increased attention to TB transmission requires political commitment expressed in financial investment and supportive legal frameworks. An empowered group of health care workers who are committed to safeguarding themselves and those they care for is essential for change. Please join us in this work.


6/28/18- CDC has NEW updated recommendations for the 12-dose treatment for LTBI.

8/22/17- TB transmission in Bangladesh

3/30/17- Madhu Pai op-ed Regarding Fogarty International Center

3/22/17- CDC Job opportunity: TB outbreak team

3/15/17- NIX Regimen for XDR-TB

3/3/17- Brochoscopy: Risk of TB transmission estimated by novel measurement of airborne viable particles

2/23/17-A quest to bring TB out of hiding

1/21/17- NEJM Forum on XDR-TB

1/13/17- The masks we wear: authenticity, vulnerability, and innovation in TB

1/6/17- Job in Madagascar

12/19/16- A Holiday Gift

10/18/16- Eric Boodman’s story on Dr. Kelly Holland

10/14/2016- Back from South Africa

9/18/2016- Hope Conference

9/19/2016- Engaging Health Care Workers To Reduce Tuberculosis Transmission

8/16/2016- Engaging health-care workers to reduce tuberculosis transmission.

6/9/2016- Journal Club Presentation at MGH

6/1/2016- The role of the law in reducing tuberculosis transmission in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia

5/22/2016- Eliminate the TB Scourge

4/20/2016 – Zika And Ebola Grab Headlines, But Lingering TB Worries Many In Public Health More

4/11/2016- How could I have gotten this?

4/1/2016- TB kills thousands of people every day – we aren’t doing enough to stop it

3/28/2016- TB’s Ticking Time Bomb?

3/25/2016 – TB cases increase in U.S. for first time in 23 years

3/24/2016 World TB day

3/16/2016- TB Transmission meeting in Washington DC

3/9/2016- Barry Bloom and Rifat Atun’s article on the Global Control of TB

3/1/2015 Why healthcare workers are sick of TB

2/29/2016- XDR-TB is transmitted in households

2/26/2016- Professor Madhu Pai at Harvard

2/15/2016- “When my brother got TB… “

2/13/2016- The role of law in reducing TB transmission in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia

2/13/2016- Fear and stigma during Alabama TB outbreak

2/11/2016- Obama Proposes Less Money To Fight World’s Top Infectious Killer

1/21/2016- Richard Vincent’s presentation on GUV

1/19/2016- From Alabama to India, TB is an emergency

1/15/2015- TB-HAART trial

12/22/2015- Obama MDR-TB plan announced

12/13/2015- California nurse with TB gets national attention

12/10/2015-XDR-TB is worse than Ebola, but we can act

12/4/2015- TimeBomb

11/24/2015- Jen Furin editorial in Tampa Bay Times

11/24/2015- Chris Sweeney profile of KJ Seung in Boston Magazine

11/10/2015- Joanne Carter editorial in Nytimes

10/28/2015- Eric Goosby editorial on CNN.com

10/28/2015- Deaths From TB Globally Outnumber HIV/AIDS

12/1/2014-  Why healthcare workers are sick of TB


MDR-TB in a young man with weight loss, weakness and fatigue


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.40.26 PM

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