What I really really need to write. try to write more substantive things, not just blog entries, but things that will get published in real journals/ blogs with wider readership. Two strategies. 1 is to keep pushing for the top newspapers (/blogs like the NPR Shots blog, Well blog), etc, with readership, over and over, submit to every one of them until they take it. In that respect, my white coats piece should not be going in the conversation blog… should be aiming for all these papers. Second strategy (and perhaps these are complementary), is to aim for Pubmed citable. So the Farley book review should go for AJPH, JGIM/SGIM, Health and Human Rights journal, so when someone plugs my name into Pubmed it comes out with something. But then few people will read it- but the right people will read it.

  1. Ed – the fierce urgency of now, UVGI/TBIC IJTLD- dropbox
  2. My Novel
  3. TB IC article +/- Fernando/ taxi driver Teodoro
  4. White Coats article based on discussion with dylan
  5. Medical anthropology protocol- article re FAST, rapid ethnographic assessment. Emailed Salmaan, Paul, Meche
  6. A grant so I can get funded… Oct 19
  7. Ruvandhi NEJM perspective
  8. Review of Tom Farley’s book
  9. A right to health, medical education in mozambique
  10. CID article- goal November. interview 5 fellow/attendings infectious diseases bloggers/ twitter on social media- follow up Jason Newland’s article, CID. interview Eli, Mike, Judy, Tim, Paul. 2000 words.

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